Learning to live my truth was born out of living an inauthentic life…

Inauthentic because on the outside everything looked idyllic. I seemingly was living the American dream. The dream I was taught to want. But something just wasn’t right and I was sad and unhappy. Unhappy until I couldn’t fake it anymore and then I decided that living the life I craved, the life I deserved, had to be my new reality. I made my way off the porch by finding and living my authentic truth. My belief is that your being here is no accident. You’re here, because you can relate to my journey.

I created this space so that I can serve women (and men) like you, “get off the porch” in your own life. This sacred, safe space is where you learn to take the steps in the direction of your own truth, so you can begin living the authentic life you were meant to.  Begin your own journey today!

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Clarity is Power…

Clarity is Power……

Clarity is that momentum that has no resistance, and when you’re in that place of clarity, the feeling of what to do next is right there.  -Abraham Hicks I recently had an interaction with a very close friend, who is really more like a family member than friend.  About seven years ago everything that defined our friendship was turned upside down and inside out primarily because of choices I made.  As I began to feel more and more uncomfortable in my own skin and realized my choices were affecting my kids and how they viewed me,  I created much needed boundaries for my heart and my life.  Because up to that point I never communicated to her any of my discomfort throughout the years of our friendship, the changes that I put in to place hit her out of left field. And though we both have acknowledged things we could have done better, and have apologized for causing pain, I recently found even more clarity through her clarity.  I think we both are sincerely sorry for causing each other pain, but I also realized that we still don’t fully understand the depth of the other’s pain…which is also ok… One […] Read more…


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clientlove-donna“I can still hear my Dad say to me, “You got it all kid, quit complaining”.  I have always had a lot to be thankful for.  Except why was I such a sad, lonely, indecisive, control freak, and perfectionist mess?  This is the point in life where I should be proud of who I am and what I have accomplished, but something was preventing my success and keeping me on the porch.  With Alicia’s help, I found out it was me.  Coming face to face with some hard truths and finding out how things are connected from personal struggles through professional endeavors is scary but empowering.  Alicia is like the light that is up in the light house giving you guidance to navigate through life successfully.  She is the kick in the pants you need to keep you OFF the porch.  Thank you Alicia, you are simply the best at what you do.”

– Donna –