clientlove_02“Being coached by Alicia Booker is a “straight no chaser” coaching experience. The Urban Dictionary defines it perfectly –“anything presented purely without frills.”

Her style is completely different from mine so it’s huge for me to share that Alicia Booker’s unique and authentic coaching style has been for me “a game and a life changer”!

Alicia speaks clearly, honestly, with empathy and compassion. Her straight talking, easy listening, commonsense approach to coaching helps you face yourself and your readiness to make necessary changes that will move your life forward.

She is effective because she has walked the walk. Her experiences, training and intuition give her the skill to help you see and encourage your strongest self. Alicia’s probing questions during coaching will help you unearth the tools to get you off YOUR porch and “moving down YOUR road” to YOUR destiny.

You will laugh, you may cry, but most of all, you will have many ah-ha moments with a thoughtful partner who cares about your journey toward success in life. She is the real deal! It’s one decision you will not regret!” – Sheila


clientlove-donna“I can still hear my Dad say to me, “You got it all kid, quit complaining”.

I have always had a lot to be thankful for.  Except why was I such a sad, lonely, indecisive, control freak, and perfectionist mess?  This is the point in life where I should be proud of who I am and what I have accomplished, but something was preventing my success and keeping me on the porch.  With Alicia’s help, I found out it was me.  Coming face to face with some hard truths and finding out how things are connected from personal struggles through professional endeavors is scary but empowering.  Alicia is like the light that is up in the light house giving you guidance to navigate through life successfully.  She is the kick in the pants you need to keep you OFF the porch.  Thank you Alicia, you are simply the best at what you do.” – Donna

clientlove-terri“Each session with Alicia was always filled with such compassion and motivation!

She taught me so much within those 10 weeks. One of the most important lessons for me is how critical it is to be truthful to thy self first and foremost before you can even attempt to “get off the porch”. Her sessions and each action oriented assignment helped me recognize and deal head-on with the roots of my pessimism and complacency.  Each week became easier to inch my way from the porch, to the grass and finally out the gate! Words can’t even express how she has touched my life.” – Terri B.




“I will forever be grateful for my Getting off the Porch experience.

I chose to be courageous and face myself and acknowledge the role I played in the life I was living. Alicia helped me face myself and be totally honest with myself, so I could allow myself to step off the porch. In three months I’ve learned so much to help me continue to grow and be the woman I desire to be and have acquired the tools I need to stay off the porch.  Thank you Alicia for following your calling.” – Doreen



“I was referred to Alicia by a mutual friend about four months after my divorce was final.

I had made great progress in rebuilding my life, findings new interests and relationships. I have a great career,  many friends and a loving family.   I doubted Alicia could help me very much, but I liked her blog and website and decided to give life coaching a try with her.  We talked about “the porch” during our first session.  I told her I was off the porch so that wasn’t a problem for me. However, through the weekly coaching sessions with Alicia, I began to see that even though I was off my original porch, I was running straight for another one, straight towards getting stuck again by many of the same issues in my broken marriage. Also, I often limited myself and my dreams with thoughts like “that is too crazy” or “I am 58 years old and I can’t do (whatever) at this stage of my life.” Alicia helped me see how much I was limiting my potential by having and speaking those thoughts and taught me to see myself in a whole new and true light. She also coached me through some difficult relationship issues and made me face my truth with significant others in my life. I cannot thank her enough for the positive influence she has had and the change she made in my life!!” – Sherry

clientlove-chelsea“I cannot say enough positive words to express the gratitude I feel for Alicia and Getting Off The Porch.

My coaching sessions have helped me to overcome fear on so many levels and operate at a level of confidence I really never thought I could.  I cannot thank Alicia enough for her professionalism and compassion in my times of struggle, and her courage to be honest with me, so I could operate as my true authentic self.  Thank you.  Thank you  Thank you.”  – Chelese Elizabeth Davis




 ”I’m a spiritual woman, and truly believe, God sends us angels to guide us.

I was extremely blessed, when one of those angels guided me to Getting Off the Porch, and my newest angel Alicia.  I’m 50, an empty nester and my entire adult life was being a wife, a mom and a caregiver.  Somewhere along the way, I lost myself.  I found myself in a crossroads and a difficult time in my marriage.  Every session with Alicia, gave me strength and courage, she asked me the right questions, some tougher than others, but all questions that needed to be addressed in order to get me off the porch.  I am FOREVER grateful.  Thanks to the journey, we started together, I have rediscovered myself and I love it.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping me get off the porch!  – Ivonne