alicia-1Yay! You’re Ready to Take the First Step to Getting Off the Porch!

Getting off the porch (GOTP) means:
• You’re tired of making yourself smaller, so others can feel comfortable!
• You’re ready to face and conquer your biggest fears about yourself and your life!
• You’re courageous and ready to uncover your best life!

So why should you CHOOSE me to go on this journey?

I know you can choose any number of coaches to go on this truth-telling adventure with, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone more passionate about helping you on this journey. I feel confident about this because…

  • I did the work!
  • I did the training (Capp Institute-Valorie Burton)
  • My coaching is rooted in Positive Psychology and how happiness is a choice
  • I provide a safe, judgement free space to help you answer the scariest questions of your life
  • And finally, I will share the tools you will need to stay off the porch and navigate your life fully and authentically

Along this journey I will share MANY truths.

Here are just a few things I know for sure…

  • bookshelfFinding and living in your truth is more powerful and will give you more peace than anything you are searching for externally, and I can help you uncover it.
  • Change is a part of life, and I can help you grow and face the changes of your life with grace and dignity.
  • You can be the best parent or co-parent, spouse or ex-spouse, employee or girl boss by getting out of your own way and letting go of perfectionism, and I can show you how.

coaching-styleWhat’s my coaching style?

I am a firm believer that you will never get to where you are going, if you don’t fully understand the impact of where you have been. My coaching style is founded in discovering your truth, and in doing so you will discover your “happy”.

I have a THREE step process:

1. Understand the lies you tell yourself that keep you stuck on the porch in the first place (in work, in love, in parenting, in friendships/relationships).
2. Discover what put you on the porch. This I like to call “the victim story”.
3. Rewrite your “victim” story and change the outcome. The story of your life won’t change, but the results and how you view yourself can and will! You will learn how to rewrite your “victim story” and use tools that will not only get you off the porch, but keep you from returning to the porch for more than a moment.

I have several One-on-One coaching options to choose from. You can even book a free consultation call to see if coaching is for you. If you’re already familiar with coaching or have been coached before, you may only need a Power Hour Session. If you have never been coached, and are ready to commit to the journey off the porch, I recommend the “Just Do It” plan, which requires a three month commitment. I also have a Group Coaching Mastermind session coming this summer, which may also fit your schedule and budget.  Finally, don’t forget to check out the Getting Off The Porch “Mind, Body, Soul” Weekend Retreat in October.  There is truly something for everyone no matter how busy you are, YOU are worth the investment!